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8.9/101097 Rating

Minamoto-kun Monogatari

Minamoto-kun Monogatari
Đánh Giá: 8.9/10 của tổng số 1097 phiếu bầu
Xem: 363.640 người đã xem
Tên Khác: Chuyện Chàng Minamoto, Minamoto-kun Monogatari, Minamoto kun Monogatari
Tác Giả/Họa Sĩ:
Genres: Comedy Ecchi Harem Seinen Shounen
Kiểu Xem: xem từ phải qua trái
Tình Trạng: Đang tiến hành
Cập Nhật: 2015-08-28 11:17:10
Release: 2011

Minamoto-kun has a face pretty enough to make people think he's a girl. Because of his face, he was bullied by the girls in middle school who were jealous of his face. He developed a fear of women due to the trauma and he ended up attending a high school for boys. Just as he enters college and makes a promise to himself to overcome the trauma of his past, his father remarries and asks him to move out of the house. His father arranges him to live with his aunt (Minamoto-kun's father's younger sister) for the time being. She is an extremely beautiful woman who is also a non-tenured professor at his college. When he arrives at her apartment, she shows him her breasts and tells him that he will be her "guinea pig" in her reverse Hikari Genji project.

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