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Truyện Tranh Apollo no Uta

Apollo no Uta
Đánh Giá: 10.0/10 của tổng số 2 phiếu bầu
Xem: 10.420 người đã xem
Tên Khác: Apollo’s Song, Apollo no Uta, The Song of Apollo
Tác Giả/Họa Sĩ:
Genres: Historical Psychological Romance Sci-fi Shounen Supernatural Tragedy Drama
Nguồn/Nhóm dịch:
Kiểu Xem: xem từ phải qua trái
Tình Trạng: Đang tiến hành
Cập Nhật: 2013-04-14 08:45:02

Shogo is a painful childhood. His mother, a woman's affair, not entirely to his concerns. What he saw was from the woman that made ​​him hate thing called love get to the bone marrow. Not only for humans, but even for animals, the act of love that also makes me disgusted, to be killed to lower levels. Finally, he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital, all thinking they were the punishment for him. But, the gods, gave other punishment for him - a punishment must massively last forever, he can only love one woman only, and before love blossomed between them, then one will die. Even Shogo dies, he is revived, to live a different life, to continue to suffer forever. From here, the journey of "love" painful and tragic Shogo begins.

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