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Truyện Tranh Thiếu Lâm Đệ 8 Đồng Nhân/c030.html

Thiếu Lâm Đệ 8 Đồng Nhân/c030.html
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Tên Khác: Thiếu Lâm Đệ Bát Đồng Nhân, Thiếu Lâm Đệ 8 Đồng Nhân
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Genres: Martial Arts Manhua Action Shounen Supernatural Trung quốc
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Tình Trạng: Hoàn Thành
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Yuan Dynasty, the Shaolin martial appearance finance period is the Real Police. The natural innate but the nefarious mind. Do not compete in the local staff, he was in court, bring troops to destroy Shaolin. Since then, Shaolin, though still but not the Son of Thai martial Polaris forest as before, the path is no longer maintained. Gambling, alcohol, prostitutes, all of which take place behind the gates of Shaolin. Where money is everything, no money shall not be instilled martial arts, high and low status were calculated in money at all. The story takes place when a young peasant named dream-like martial arts books brought to the union staff that the Shaolin monks worship. Without money, he must live with Zhang Bao (aka Truong Tam Phong later). The encounter was destined to change the fate between two people, change the university Department of Forestry martial. Together to create a new martial arts, Wanderer phase come together, two people will see what the danger, the truth about how the Shaolin Temple, people make the same discovery

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